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1单选题 2分

Everything____into consideration, I propose that the first prize should be given to Liu Qiang.

  • A. to take
  • B. taking
  • C. taken
  • D. took

正确答案: C


【参考译文】 通过综合考虑,我建议第一名该给刘强。

【试题分析】 本题是一道句型结构题。

【详细解答】 从题目来看“I propose that the first prize should be given to Liu Qiang.”是主句,而“everything”与“take into consideration”之间是被动关系,所以只能选C。

2单选题 2分

I meant____ you about it, but I forgot to do so.

  • A. telling
  • B. having told
  • C. to tell
  • D. to have told

正确答案: D


【参考译文】 本打算告诉你这件事的,可我忘了。

【试题分析】 本题是一道语法分析题。

【详细解答】 首先考虑到“mean to”的结构,所以先排除A、B两项。而且此处是讲述一件本来要做而没做的事情,要用虚拟语气,所以只能选D。

3单选题 2分

While doing calculation for the project, the designers____a new solution to a geological problem.

  • A. fell into
  • B. stumbled upon
  • C. set out
  • D. discovered

正确答案: B


【参考译文】 在对工程进行计算时,设计人员碰巧找到了解决地质问题的方法。

【试题分析】 本题是一道词义辨析题。

【详细解答】 “fall into”含义为“被卷入……”;“stumble upon”含义为“偶然找到,发现”;“set out”含义为“启程,出发”;“discover”含义为“发现,发觉”。从四个选项看,含有“偶然”含义的“stumble upon”最适合本句话。

4单选题 2分

The mother almost____when she learned that her son was shot dead.

  • A. fell down
  • B. came down
  • C. fell apart
  • D. went to pieces

正确答案: D


【参考译文】 那位母亲得知她儿子被枪打死了,她几乎完全垮了。

【试题分析】 本题是一道词义辨析题。

【详细解答】 “fall down”含义“跌倒,倒下”;“come down”含义为“降下,跌落” ;“fall apart”含义为“破裂,破碎”;“go to pieces”含义为“(身体或精神上)垮下来”。从四个选项来看,只有D适用于本句话。

5单选题 2分

The matter is not to be ____.

  • A. watched for
  • B. waited on
  • C. taken over
  • D. trifled with

正确答案: D


【参考译文】 这个问题不可轻视。

【试题分析】 本题是一道词义辨析题。

【详细解答】 “watch for”的含义为“提防,戒备”;“wait on”的含义为“服侍(某人),招待(顾客)”;“take over”的含义为“接管(什么东西)”;“trifle with”含义为“轻视。”从四个选项来看,只有D适用于本句话。

6单选题 2分

They will never reconcile themselves to____.

  • A. defeat
  • B. their defeat
  • C. be defeated
  • D. have their defeat

正确答案: B


【参考译文】 他们决不屈从于失败。

【试题分析】 本题是一道搭配题。

【详细解答】 “reconcile sb. to”中后接名词,而“defeat”一词作为“失败”是可数名词,所以此处只能选择B。

7单选题 2分

You’d better let me know as soon as there is a(n)____position in the branch office.

  • A. empty
  • B. vacuum
  • C. hollow
  • D. vacant

正确答案: D


【参考译文】 你最好一到分理处有了空缺就告诉我。

【试题分析】 本题是一道近义词组辨析题。

【详细解答】 “empty”含义为“空无一物的”;vacuum是名词,含义为“真空,空虚”;“hollow”含义为“空洞的,中空的”,只有“vacant”与“position”搭配意为“空缺职位”。

8单选题 2分

Urban congestion would greatly be relieved if the____charged on public transport were more reasonable.

  • A. prices
  • B. tickets
  • C. fees
  • D. fares

正确答案: D


【参考译文】 如果所收车费更合理一些,城市交通堵塞会大大缓解。

【试题分析】 本题是词义辨析题。

【详细解答】 “prices”的含义是“价格”,“tickets”是“票据”,“fees”是“费(如会费、学费、手续费等)”;“fares”主要是指“车船费”。所以此处用“fares”。

9单选题 2分

We are convinced____ the righteousness of our cause.

  • A. of
  • B. on
  • C. over
  • D. at



【参考译文】 我们坚信自己的事业是正义的。

【试题分析】 本题是一道介词搭配题。

【详细解答】 “be convinced of”含义为“坚信……”,这是一个固定搭配,所以在四个选项中只能选择“of”。

10问答题 10分

What does the future hold for the problem of housing? A good deal depends, of course, on the meaning of “future”. If one is thinking in terms of science fiction and the space age, it is at least possible to assume that man will have solved such trivial and earthly problems as housing. Writers of science fiction, from H.G. Wells onwards, have had little to say on the subject. They have conveyed the suggestion that men will live in great comfort, with every conceivable apparatus to make life smooth, healthy and easy, if not happy. But they have not said what his house will be made of. Perhaps some new building material, as yet unimagined, will have been discovered or invented at least. One may be certain that bricks and mortar(泥灰,灰浆) will long have gone out of fashion.

But the problems of the next generation or two can more readily be imagined. Scientists have already pointed out that unless something is done either to restrict the world’s rapid growth in population or to discover and develop new sources of food (or both), millions of people will be dying of starvation or at the best suffering from underfeeding before this century is out. But nobody has yet worked out any plan for housing these growing populations. Admittedly the worst situations will occur in the hottest parts of the world, where housing can be light structure or in backward areas where standards are traditionally low. But even the minimum shelter requires materials of some kind and in the teeming, bulging towns the low-standard “housing” of flattened petrol cans and dirty canvas is far more wasteful of ground space than can be tolerated.

Since the war, Hong Kong has suffered the kind of crisis which is likely to arise in many other places during the next generation. Literally millions of refugees arrived to swell the already growing population and emergency steps had to be taken rapidly to prevent squalor(肮脏)and disease and the spread crime. The city is tackling the situation energetically and enormous blocks of tenements(贫民住宅)are rising at an astonishing aped. But Hong Kong is only one small part of what will certainly become a vast problem and not merely a housing problem, because when population grows at this rate there are accompanying problems of education, transport, hospital services, drainage, water supply and so on. Not every area may give the same resources as Hong Kong to draw upon and the search for quicker and cheaper methods of construction must never cease.

1.What is the author’s opinion of housing problems in the first paragraph?

A.They may be completely solved at sometime in the future.

B.They are unimportant and easily dealt with.

C.They will not be solved until a new building material has been discovered.

D.They have been dealt with in specific detail in books describing the future.

2.The writer is sure that in the distant future ___.

A.bricks and mortar will be replaced by some other building material.

B.a new building material will have been invented.

C.bricks and mortar will not be used by people who want their house to be fashionable.

D.a new way of using bricks and mortar will have been discovered.

3.The writer believes that the biggest problem likely to confront the world before the end of the century ___.

A.is difficult to foresee.

B.will be how to feed the ever growing population.

C.will be how to provide enough houses in the hottest parts of the world.

D.is the question of finding enough ground space.

4.When the writer says that the worst situations will occur in the hottest parts of the world or in backward areas, he is referring to the fact that in these parts ___.

A.standards of building are low.

B.only minimum shelter will be possible.

C.there is not enough ground space.

D.the population growth will be the greatest.

5.Which of the following sentences best summarizes Paragraph 3?

A.Hong Kong has faced a serious crisis caused by millions of refugees.

B.Hong Kong has successfully dealt with the emergency caused by millions of refugees.

C.Hong Kong’s crisis was not only a matter of housing but included a number of other problems of population growth.

D.Many parts of the world may have to face the kind of problems encountered by Hong Kong and may find it much harder to deal with them.




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